Friday, January 14, 2011

Taseer and Qadri: 142 Seconds Affair

This 142 seconds piece of animation narrates Taseer and Qadri affair nicely. Who's the devil and who the angel is, blurred picture is getting clear. No one can claim the sanity or raise the flag of divinity is my belief and code of life.

Today, the single most important message needs to be instilled in our nation is that if we point our finger at someone; we should remember there are 3 more pointing at us! It’s quite common for us to condemn others and disapprove their theology but don’t bother to sit alone for even 5 minutes and weigh up ourselves. Are we true Muslims..? Oh! It’s so tough. Are we worth something as human beings? Ummm.. again a hard hitter, need a lifeline.

Patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are the great messages of our religion but fanaticism and prejudice became the code of our lives. We have tagged ourselves as Wahabi, Sunni, Shia, Deoband, but not Muslim. Like the non-believers of Islam’s early days, we are not ready to give someone chance to elucidate himself openly. We are not following even the 5% of what our religion has taught us; to me it’s more of blasphemy than what Taseer did.

Taseer would always be thankful to Qadri; he made hero of a man who spent his whole life like a villain. If Taseer had the chance to write five words before his death, they would be “Shukriya Qadri.. With Love from Taseer”.

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